Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent

Designer: Kinderfeets

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Hey there, parents! Brace yourselves for this Tent—an awesome escape that mixes sustainable New Zealand pine wood with natural cotton fabric for pure enchantment. 

Imagine your little one diving into make-believe mode, flexing their brainpower in the coolest ways. There's this cute round window that lets the sunlight sneak in and keeps them connected to the great outdoors. Inside or outside, it's a breeze to set up—no tools needed.

Picture this: popping the tent in your backyard, soaking up the sun, and maybe even catching a snooze in the warm air. As the day rolls on, it's the ultimate hideout for wild rounds of hide and seek. Plus, think of all the fun with friends—the tent becomes HQ for chats and giggles galore.

Oh, but the adventure doesn't stop there! It's also the ultimate doll dream house or a spot to play camp guru. Seriously, the options are as limitless as your kiddo's imagination.

So, parent's, get set for an imagination explosion. The Kinderfeets Tent isn't just any old toy—it's a portal to a universe where dreams run wild and every day is a grand escapade! 🏕️🌟


  • Tent dimensions: 51" l x 55" w x 51" h

  • Suitable for ages 3 years+