Company History


Thank you for choosing The Treehouse.  We are so grateful to be here.  It's a dream for our family to be able to offer quality toys that spark imagination.  My name is Nicole. I am the owner and founder of The Treehouse.

Our family includes, Nicole Berru (Mom), Matthew Montoya (Dad), and our two boys, Camilo (Age 7) and Cruz (Age 1). We want to show our boys an example of living a happy life. We are grateful to have created a business that allows us to combine passions, family and philanthropy.

Our family has always dreamed of owning a business. In fact, we feel owning a children's toy store is our purpose in life.  We are on a mission to create a resource for parents looking to educate and inspire their children through play. We are changing the narrative from toys that entertain to toys that spark imagination and exploration. Thank you for supporting our family and our vision!