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Create a space dedicated to your little one. A playroom filled with imagination, adventures, and inspired play.

Child standing on top of the Montessori toy Little Climber - Rainbow

Inspired Play.

Let's encourage screen-free play! We hope you enjoy this unique collection of Quality Toys, Wood Toys, Imaginative Play, Montessori Inspired Toys, Waldorf Inspired Toys, and Simple Open-Ended Toys.

Child wearing Montessori imaginative Green Hat & Wing Dragon Set

Inspire Imagination with this collection of Pretend Play Costumes! Also, encourage social and emotional development.

Change the World.

A portion of our proceeds are donated to Bob Baker Marionette Theater. Bob Baker Marionette Theater envisions an inclusive community empowered with a creative toolbox to better the world around them. *Photo courtesy of Moonbeam Photos.

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We Give Back

We support Bob Baker Marrionette Theater and their vision of "an inclusive community" with a mission to "educate, celebrate, and inspire imagination through puppetry and the allied arts".

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What is Waldorf Education?

What is Waldorf Education?

Some benefits of Waldorf education include emotional development, STEM skills, and language development.

Hear from the Experts!

Venessa Eubank, M.Ed, Ed. S, BCBA

"I love the simplicy of open-ended and close-ended play. This type of play will allow a child's brain to "fill in the rest". For example, if there is a wooden toy car, that car becomes a police car, mom's car, a taxi, etc. The limits are endless! The The Treehouse toys has amazing toys in their inventory that can foster child development. I'm excited to have them in the community!".

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Alana Banana, Children's Content Creator / Host of the "Inspired Grownups" Podcast

"It’s through play that young children develop their creativity and imagination while  learning how to engage and interact in the world around them. George Bernard Shaw said “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old  because we stop playing”.  This life of ours is up to us to create. You can bring so much more joy into your day and  your child’s by taking the time to play with them. You might just have more fun than you think."

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Meryl Opsal, Director and Lead Instructor of Romp & Rollick

"Play is vitally important to the growth and development of children. Children need time, space, and open-ended materials (found or toys) to explore, pretend, create and build with. Children make sense of the world around them through play. It is their work, as serious as anything an adult endeavors to do, and should be respected just as much."

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